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We're proud to have helped big businesses from various industries streamline their operations and foster a culture of safety and efficiency.

EL AL Airlines

The National Israel airline uses Vitre in order to perform quality assurance verification process in airplanes prior to takeoff, during towing from and to areas in the airport and to maintain quality service in the various workshops operated by El-Al.

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With 5 production facilities across North America and over 5,000 employees, Keter is the industry leader in sustainably and durably made resin-based outdoor products. The company uses Vitre to monitor and organise field staff, which work on construction sites. "A game-changing solution"

while achieving considerable efficiency in utilisation of manpower and overall performance.

Hoffman Constructions

One of the oldest construction companies in US. They implemented the solution in LC site, Improved safety validation and related processes. In particular: 
field management across sites, Improving contractors SLA (2hr from 48hr), P.I.T (Asset) management, P.T.W (Permit To Work and much more.


One of the largest food manufacturing companies with 9 different factories and 5 logistics locations.

Strauss ~1700 active users use Vitre to report, prevent and identify Safety issues, Quality NCRs, HACCP events and recalls.

"Solution enables to identify irregular events in real time in production floor. In addition, it can connect and leverage quality, safety and maintenance activities with strong interface to operational excellence."

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Streamline your deskless workforce operations with Vitre's feature-rich platform.

Designed for comprehensive task management, employee certification, and forms reports in real time.

Seamless Integrations

Elevate your workflow with Vitre's seamless integrations.

Connect with tools and systems you already use and love. We make it simple to sync with your preferred service. Say welcome to a unified system that works as hard as you do.

Real-time Analytics

Make informed decisions with Vitre's real-time analytics.

Immediate insights into your workforce operations, from overall performance metrics to individual task progress. Knowledge isn't just power—it's also performance, and we bring it to you live and direct.

User-friendly Interface

Dive into Vitre's user-friendly interface designed for you.

Sophisticated technology doesn't have to be complicated. We've created an intuitive platform that your team can use from day one—simple, pleasant, and efficient.

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We've got everything your business needs to manage time efficiently and get things done quickly & paper-free.

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Effortless Communication With Your Mobile Workforce

Forget the endless Sheets and start working efficiently. 
Every mobile worker will receive simple notifications with their next action items and won’t miss a task anymore.


HR & People Management Simplified

No more micro-management and clueless Whatsapp messages. 
Manage your employees with easy-to-use dashboards based on Location, Equipment and Tasks.

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