Transforming Strauss with Vitre: A Journey Towards Operational Excellence


Strauss, one of the largest food manufacturing companies in Israel, encompasses 9 different factories and 5 logistics locations, serving the national and international markets with a wide variety of quality food products. The company faced challenges in reporting, preventing, and identifying Safety issues, Quality NCRs, HACCP events, and recalls. Streamlining its processes and enhancing efficiency across all EHSQ and operational areas were critical.

The Challenges Before Vitre

1. Complexity in Reporting and Identifying Issues

With such an extensive operation, Strauss found it difficult to manage a comprehensive view of safety and quality events, leading to delays and inaccuracies in reporting.

2. Inefficiency in Maintenance and Quality Control Activities

Maintaining the proper functioning of the machinery and ensuring product quality was becoming a labor-intensive process, involving a lot of manual intervention.

3. Lack of Real-Time Insights

The absence of real-time monitoring made it hard for the management to make informed decisions quickly, which impacted the overall responsiveness to issues.

Implementing Vitre: A Game-Changer for Strauss

Unified Platform for Equipment Management

With the implementation of Vitre, Strauss gained the ability to check their equipment, maintenance, periodic checks, certifications, etc., all within a single platform. This not only eliminated the need for multiple tools but also greatly reduced the complexity of managing the vast amount of equipment involved.

Enhanced Safety and Quality Monitoring

Vitre allowed Strauss to efficiently report, prevent, and identify safety and quality issues in real time on the production floor. The system's robust tracking and monitoring capabilities led to quicker resolution of issues and a more streamlined approach to safety and quality compliance.

Global Rollout Activities

Strauss has begun global rollout activities with Vitre, leveraging its features to connect and enhance quality, safety, and maintenance activities, with a strong interface to operational excellence.

ROI and Bottom-Line Impact

With Vitre, Strauss achieved considerable savings in time and resources, resulting in an improved ROI. The seamless integration of quality control, safety, and maintenance activities allowed Strauss to deliver a higher quality service, reflecting positively on customer satisfaction and brand reputation.


The adoption of Vitre by Strauss is a testament to the platform's versatility and efficiency in managing complex industrial operations. By providing a unified platform for equipment checks, safety monitoring, and quality assurance, Vitre has enabled Strauss to take a giant leap forward in their pursuit of operational excellence. The success story of Strauss with Vitre illustrates how embracing digital solutions can result in tangible improvements in efficiency, safety, and quality, setting a benchmark for the industry.

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