GreenNet Recycling: Elevating Safety Standards with Vitre


GreenNet Recycling and Waste Treatment stands as Israel's top company for sorting municipal solid waste. Located in Atarot Industrial Area, the plant processes the mixed household waste from a million people in the Jerusalem metropolitan area. Established in 2013, the plant was built in a record 14 months and has since spearheaded Israel’s green revolution. Utilizing the globe's cutting-edge technologies, GreenNet sorts various materials for recycling, redirecting them from landfills to industries for reuse, and embodying a sustainable approach to waste management.

Before Adapting Vitre: The Challenges

1. Lack of Real-Time Communication and Tracking:

Deskless employees in the field often faced challenges in communicating real-time data and updates, causing delays in operations and inefficiencies in managing routes and collections.

2. Inefficient Equipment Management:

Managing the maintenance, periodic checks, certifications, and overall status of the various machinery and vehicles was complex and error-prone. Lack of centralized tracking led to unforeseen breakdowns and costly repairs.

3. Safety Concerns:

The industry's inherent risks required stringent safety protocols. However, manual processes made it difficult to enforce and monitor these protocols, leading to workplace accidents and regulatory compliance issues.

4. Limited Visibility into Performance Metrics:

Without a unified platform, the management had limited insights into the performance metrics of their operations, making it difficult to identify areas for improvement.

After Adapting Vitre: The Solution

1. Real-Time Communication and Tracking:

With Vitre, GreenNet Recycling's field staff can now communicate in real-time with the management, sending updates, alerts, and reporting issues directly from the field. The 60% improvement in communication efficiency has streamlined daily operations.

2. Centralized Equipment Management:

Vitre unified platform allows GreenNet Recycling to track all aspects of equipment maintenance, periodic checks, certifications, and status in one place. This has led to a 60% efficiency in tracking equipment and a reduction in unexpected downtime.

3. Enhanced Safety Protocols:

Vitre enables GreenNet Recycling to maintain a safe work environment by implementing, monitoring, and enforcing safety protocols digitally. This has resulted in a 50% reduction in workplace accidents and better compliance with regulations.

4. Data-Driven Insights:

Vitre’s interactive dashboards and reporting tools provide GreenNet Recycling's management with actionable insights and a clear view of key performance metrics, enabling continuous improvement and informed decision-making.


GreenNet Recycling's adoption of Vitre has fundamentally transformed its operations, addressing the unique challenges faced by deskless employees in the waste collection and recycling sector. From improved real-time communication to centralized equipment management and enhanced safety protocols, Vitre has delivered significant efficiency gains and cost savings. GreenNet Recycling is now positioned as a leader in operational excellence within its industry, thanks to Vitre’s innovative solutions.

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