Introducing the Comprehensive Analysis of Deskless Work: Q4 2023 Research Report


We are thrilled to present our latest research report, The State of Deskless Work: Q4 2023 Overcoming the Autonomy and Empowerment Barriers.

Deskless work, the backbone of many industries, is a complex and often underappreciated field. Surprisingly, deskless workers outnumber their desk-based counterparts by a ratio of four-to-one worldwide. With the majority of organizations expecting growth in their mobile workforce, understanding the dynamics of deskless work is crucial.

The current era is witnessing a remarkable shift towards worker empowerment. This is driven by factors such as competitive talent markets, a rising trend of skilled mobile workers adopting a "free agent" mindset, and the appeal of flexible employment through the gig economy. Consequently, the importance of retention and the cost of attrition for employers with mobile workers have reached an all-time high.

Our report sheds light on the present challenges and future opportunities. Many deskless workers today lack autonomy, struggle with complex work environments, and often feel neglected by leadership that prioritizes other investment areas.

Introducing Vitre (Process Automation System): A Solution to the Challenges

Vitre is a cutting-edge solution designed to address the unique challenges faced by deskless workers. It offers features like field data collection, alerts, analytics, automations, and integrations with core systems. Here's how VITRE can transform the deskless work landscape:

  1. Enhancing Autonomy: Vitre empowers workers with real-time information and tools, allowing them to make informed decisions and work more autonomously.
  2. Digital Transformation: With only 6% of organizations fully embracing digital processes, Vitre's digital-first approach can revolutionize the way deskless work is managed, reducing reliance on paper-based processes.
  3. Customization and Integration: Vitre can be personalized to fit organizational needs and can seamlessly integrate with existing systems, including employee data interfaces.
  4. Improving Employee Experience: By providing a streamlined and user-friendly interface, Vitre enhances the employee experience, aligning with the 97% of organizations that believe increased autonomy would improve various aspects of their business.

The Opportunity for Deskless Productivity:

The findings present an opportunity to understand the demanding nature of deskless work and the challenges faced. It's time to recognize the potential for enhancing deskless productivity by empowering workers with autonomy and technology like Vitre.

Innovative organizations are feeling the pressure to make work simpler for their valuable employees and provide them with the best tools. To seize the deskless productivity opportunity, forward-thinking firms are investing in their employment brand, reevaluating their value proposition, and assessing the digital resources they offer to deskless workers.

We hope this report serves as a catalyst for reflection, dialogue, and action within your organization. It's a starting point for your internal research and a spark to drive a more productive, positive, and impactful state of deskless productivity. The time is ripe to embrace the change and lead the way in this vital sector of the workforce, and Vitre stands ready to be a key partner in this transformation.

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